The DSS is designed such that all functions can be carried out through text-based DSS Command Language scripts. The text streams may come from any of these sources: 

1. Selecting and executing a script on a Control Panel window, 

2. Through the COM interface, or 

3. From a standard text file to which the command interpreter may be temporarily redirected (Compile or Redirect commands). 

This makes the DSS an easily accessible tool for users who simply want to key in a small circuit and do a quick study as well as to those who perform quite complicated studies. It also makes the DSS more easily adapted by others who have a great deal invested in their own database and would put forth much effort to conform to another. Text files are the most common means of transferring data from one source into another. The DSS scripts can often be configured to be close to various data transfer formats. 

Always refer to the Help command for the latest commands and property names that are recognized by the DSS.