This interface can be used to read/write certain properties of the active DSS object. The structure of the interface is as follows:

int32_t BUSI(int32_t Parameter, int32_t Argument);

This interface returns an integer according to the number sent in the variable “parameter”. The parameter can be one of the following:

Parameter 0: Bus.NumNodes

This parameter returns the number of nodes of this bus.

Parameter 1: Bus.ZscRefresh

This parameter recomputes Zsc for active bus for present circuit configuration. Return 1 if the procedure was successful.

Parameter 2: Bus.Coorddefined

This parameter returns 1 if a coordinate has been defined for this bus; otherwise, it will return 0.

Parameter 3: Bus.GetUniqueNodeNumber

This parameter returns a unique node number at the active bus to avoid node collisions and adds it to the node list for the bus. The start number can be specified in the argument.

Parameter 4: Bus.N_Customers

This parameter returns the total number of customers served down line from this bus.

Parameter 5: Bus.SectionID

This parameter returns the integer ID of the feeder section in which this bus is located.