This property sets/gets the time delay, in seconds, from when the voltage goes out of band to when the tap changing begins. This is used to determine which regulator control will act first. Default is 15.  You may specify any floating point number to achieve a model of whatever condition is necessary.


% Create DSS object

DSSObject = actxserver('OpenDSSEngine.DSS')

if ~DSSObject.Start(0),

                    disp('Unable to start openDSS');



DSSText = DSSObject.Text;

DSSCircuit = DSSObject.ActiveCircuit;

% Compile a model        

DSSText.Command = 'Compile C:\myPath\myModel.dss';

DSSRegCtrls = DSSCircuit.RegControls;

% Activates the first RegControl of the list

i = DSSRegCtrls.First;

% Gets the time delay for the active RegControl

myDelay = DSSRegCtrls.Delay;