This property sets/gets the String defining hard delimiters used to separate token on the command string. Default is , and =. The = separates token name from token value. These override white space to separate tokens.


% Create DSS object

DSSObject = actxserver('OpenDSSEngine.DSS')

if ~DSSObject.Start(0),

                    disp('Unable to start openDSS');



DSSText = DSSObject.Text;

DSSCircuit = DSSObject.ActiveCircuit;

% Handler for Parser functions

DSSParser = DSSObject.Parser;

% Gets the separating tokens

myDelStr = DSSParser.Delimiters;

DSSText.Command = 'compile "C:\Program Files\OpenDSS\EPRITestCircuits\ckt5\Master_ckt5.DSS"';

DSSText.Command = 'set maxiterations=1000 maxcontroliter=1000';   % Just in case

DSSCircuit.Solution.Solve(); % Solves Actor 1

% sets the string to be parsed

DSSParser.CmdString = set maxcontroliter=100';

% Gets the next value as double

myCtrlIter = DSSParser.DblValue;