A LineSpacing object defined the spacing of a group of conductors in a relative coordinate system. These are usually the main phase conductors, but could be any group of conductors such as conductors in a bundle. Simply define the position of each conductor. The Spacing property in LineGeometry and Line object definitions points to a LineSpacing object.

Nconds = Number of conductors (wires) in this LineSpacing object. Default = 3. This triggers the memory allocations, so define this propery first!

Nphases = Number of retained phase conductors. If less than the number of wires, list the retained phase coordinates first in the following arrays.

x = Array of x coordinates for each wire.

h = Array of wire heights corresponding to x array.

Units = Units for x and h arrays, one of: {mi|kft|km|m|Ft|in|cm } Initial default is "ft", but defaults to last unit defined.