This interface can be used to read/write certain properties of the active DSS object. The structure of the interface is as follows:

double MetersF(int32_t Parameter, double Argument);

This interface returns a floating point number (64 bits) according to the number sent in the variable “parameter”. The parameter can be one of the following:

Parameter 0: Meters.SAIFI

This parameter returns SAIFI for this meter's zone. Execute reliability calc method first.

Parameter 1: Meters.SAIFIkW

This parameter returns the SAIFI based on kW rather than number of customers. Get after reliability calcs.

Parameter 2: Meters.SAIDI

This parameter returns the SAIDI for this meter zone. Execute DoreliabilityCalc first.

Parameter 3: Meters.CustInterrupts

This parameter returns the total customer interruptions for this meter zone based on reliability calcs.

Parameter 4: Meters.AvgRepairTime

This parameter returns the average Repair Time in this Section of the meter zone.

Parameter 5: Meters.FaultRateXRepairHrs

This parameter returns the sum of Fault Rate Time Repair Hours in this section of the meter zone.

Parameter 6: Meters.SumBranchFltRates

This parameter returns the sum of the branch fault rates in this section of the meter's zone.