This property sets/gets the Integer code for the model to use for load variation with voltage. Valid values are:

1 : Standard constant P+jQ load. (Default) (dssLoadConstPQ).

2 : Constant impedance load. (dssLoadConstZ).

3 : Const P, Quadratic Q (like a motor). (dssLoadMotor).

4 : Nominal Linear P, Quadratic Q (feeder mix). Use this with CVRfactor. (dssLoadCVR).

5 : Constant Current Magnitude. (dssLoadConstI).

6 : Const P, Fixed Q. (dssLoadConstPFixedQ).

7 : Const P, Fixed Impedance Q. (dssLoadConstPFixedX).

8 : ZIPV (7 values). (dssLoadZIPV).

For Types 6 and 7, only the P is modified by load multipliers.


% Create DSS object

DSSObject = actxserver('OpenDSSEngine.DSS')

if ~DSSObject.Start(0),

                    disp('Unable to start openDSS');



DSSText = DSSObject.Text;

DSSCircuit = DSSObject.ActiveCircuit;

% Compile a model        

DSSText.Command = 'Compile C:\myPath\myModel.dss';

DSSLoads = DSSCircuit.Loads;

% activates the first load on the list

i = DSSLoads.First;

% gets the model for the active load