This property sets/gets the active winding number of tap steps between MinTap and MaxTap.  Default is 32 (16 raise and 16 lower taps about the neutral position). The neutral position is not counted.


% Create DSS object

DSSObject = actxserver('OpenDSSEngine.DSS')

if ~DSSObject.Start(0),

                    disp('Unable to start openDSS');



DSSText = DSSObject.Text;

DSSCircuit = DSSObject.ActiveCircuit;

% Compile a model        

DSSText.Command = 'Compile C:\myPath\myModel.dss';

DSSXfmr = DSSCircuit.Transformers;

% Activates the first transformer on the list

i = DSSXfmr.First;

% Activates the first winding of the active transformer

DSSXfmr.Wdg = 1;

% gets the number of taps for the active transformer

for j = 1:2,

    DSSXfmr.Wdg = j;

    disp(['Winding ', num2str(j),' has ', num2str(DSSXfmr.NumTap), ' taps']);