In PeakShaveLow mode, the fleet is set to charge when the power at a monitored element is below a specified target (kWTargetLow). The controller will request as much power as necessary, limited by the inverter rated kW (kWrated property) of each element of the fleet, to keep the power within the bandwith (%kWBandLow or kWBandLow) around kWTargetLow. Figure 6 illustrates the operation of the controller in this mode assuming that the fleet has enough energy and power capacity to completely fill the valley below kWTargetLow.

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Figure 5: Dispatch shape as defined by Tup, Tflat, Tdn and timeDischargeTrigger properties in Schedule Mode

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Figure 6: Operation in PeakShaveLow/I-PeakShaveLow Mode