Setting Line Styles for Circuit Plots

As of this writing (see date below) two properties have been added to the Plot command. This applies to version 7.3.3 build 67 and later. The two

properties are



These can be abbreviated 1ph and 3ph if desired.

Values of these properties can be an integer from 1 to 7 as follows

1 = solid (default for both properties each time the Plot command is issued)

2 = dashed

3 = dotted (this often looks better than dashed)

4 = dashdot

5 = dashdotdot

6 = clear

7 = inside frame


This example produces the typical power plot with the 1phase lines drawn as dotted lines.

Plot Circuit Power Max=2000 dots=n labels=n subs=y C1=$00FF0000 1ph=3