The functions that control reactive power of the controlled element have in common a property that defines the base reactive power and two that are associated with the control loop convergence. These functions are volt-var, DRC, watt-pf, watt-var, volt-watt combined with volt-var and volt-var combined with DRC.

  • RefReactivePower : Defines the base reactive power for both the provided and absorbed reactive power, according to one of the following options:
    • VARAVAL: The base values for the provided and absorbed reactive power are equal to the available reactive power;
    • VARMAX : The base values of the provided and absorbed reactive power are equal to the value defined in the kvarMax and kvarMaxAbs properties, respectively.
  • VarChangeTolerance: Tolerance in pu of the convergence of the control loop associated with reactive power. For the same control iteration, this value is compared to the difference between the desired reactive power value in pu with the output reactive power in pu of the controlled element;
  • deltaQ_factor : Maximum change in pu from the prior reactive output power to the desired reactive output power during each control iteration. If it is not set or set equal  1, OpenDSS will use its automatic convergence algorithm.