A TCC_Curve object is defined similarly to Loadshape and Growthshape objects in that they all are defined by curves consisting of arrays of points. Intended to model time-current characteristics for overcurrent relays, TCC_Curve objects are also used for other relay types requiring time curves. Both the time array and the C array must be entered.

The properties are:

Npts= Number of points to expect when defining the curve.

C_Array= Array of current (or voltage or whatever) values corresponding to time values in T_Array (see T_Array).

T_Array= Array of time values in sec. Typical array syntax:

t_array = (1, 2, 3, 4, ...) You may also substitute a file designation: t_array = (file=filename). The specified file has one value per line.

Like= Name of an existing GrowthShape object to base this one on.