- Solves issues with the following interfaces for DirectDLL: BusV. 

- Grid Forming Capabilities for PV/Storage.

- CapControlMode Follow added for helping to represent deterministic capacitor behavior.

- Load shape EDGE and Averaging (linear) interpolation for facilitating the description of loadshapes in time.

- DirectDLL methods for accessing structures updated to reflect the structures in other versions.

- solves bug found in the Circuit interface (COM), preventing users from enabling/disabling elements through it.

- Solves a bug introduced in version when using CapControl in time or follow control modes. 

- Bug in Yprim formation for 1-ph and 2-ph delta-connected capacitors fixed. Fix to user-specified NormAmps and EmergAmps for capacitors, which were always being overridden with default values. Pending to check for same issues on Reactors.

- Variant-like interfaces updated to pointers to facilitate its adoption cross platform and to match the Cpp version.

- Fixes losses in UPFC model, there was a bug introduced several years ago when trying to redefine losses based on residual currents.

- CapControl updated with control mode Follow, in this mode the capacitor activation depends on the value of a given loadshape (ControlSignal).

- New flag added to avoid displaying reports automatically when generated (ShowReports).

- New color themes added to the GUI. Go to Set -> Color Themes and check if you like it (Just added 2 as an experiment).

- Adds grid forming inverter capabilities to Inverter-base resources (Storage and PVSystem) for microgrid studies in QSTS.

- Adds dynamics simulation capabilities to Inverter-based Resources (Storage and PVSystem), including Black start operation. Includes DynamicExp compatibility. Examples and documentation included.

- Adds LL faults between all pair of nodes of a bus to FaultStudy reports. Adding RegControl name, Transformer Winding number, DirectionMode and Cogen flag to Taps reports.

- Adds functionality for closing all but one or all tabs when using the standalone editor.

- Adds option EventlogDefault to the global context for setting the default for enabling/disabling the eventlog in control objects. 

- Adds "Element" property to UPFC for triggering the reactive power compensation mode. Not needed in the past, but given the new control mode it requires it. 

- Adds DOC_P1Blocking property to relays. This enables/disables a positive sequence power blocking element according to IEEE Std C57.12.44-2014.

- Solved issue introduced with long-line correction changes of rev 3464. Single-phase lines without symmetrical component definition were being affected by change.

- Adding command for getting the line type list as string for reference.

- Includes new command for checking if there is a new version of OpenDSS available for download. The same command was implemented in the GUI's menu -> Help options.

- Solves an issue found in the LineTypeList container. It was generating an unexpected issue when clearing memory during parallel processing operations. It was also creating redundant constants between Line, LineCode and LineGeometry classes.

- Adding alternative method for accessing PCE state variables through the ActiveCktElement interface.

- First version of DynamicExp object released, still under test. 

- The ActiveCktelement interface includes new properties to allow users get/set state variables by name or index in the active circuit element. 

- Corrects a recent bug introduced while fixing pu values for VSource when working on Dynamics mode.

- Fixes version sync between exe, COM and DLL versions.

- Solves old bug located within the fmonitor variables (proposed by UCF). 

- Fixes DumpProperties procedures for conductor objects by utilizing the proper indexing. 

- Brings back GetPropertyValue functions for ConductorData and child classes that allows properties to be kept in sync. Fixed indexing that was preventing those functions from properly working

- Adds conditional compiles for debugging during Dynamic mode. Update comments in Vsource.

- Fix bug in Dynamics calc where PerUnit was not taken into account.

- Fixes issue when reporting Elements in class.

- Normalizes the progress form.

- Solves an issue detected when presenting the help form, the button at the bottom were missing.

- Solves a bug inserted when updating the sequence impedance entries through COM/DLL.

- COM interface help link added to Help option at the menu bar in EXE.

- UPFC device updated to operate at the control queue increasing the stability of the device when widely installed on a large-scale model.

The Version 8 was the first to be delivered with parallel processing capabilities in both 32-bit (X86) and 

64-bit (X64) versions. Version 9 is the latest update. The files are still listed under the 'Version8' folder on

The OpenDSSInstaller download includes both X86 and X64 versions of Version 9, along 

with optional documentation and examples.  

If you have 64-bit Windows, you may install both the 64-bit and 32-bit 

versions.  The 32-bit version is required if you plan to automate OpenDSS 

from Excel or any other 32-bit program.  The 64-bit version is required to 

automate OpenDSS from 64-bit MatLab or other 64-bit apps on a 64-bit system.