This interface can be used to read/write certain properties of the active DSS object. The structure of the interface is as follows:

void CapControlsV(int32_t Parameter, uintptr_t *Pointer, int32_t *Type, int32_t *Size);

In this version of the DLL the API requires 4 arguments Some of these arguments are informative while others provide data access through memory address. This avoids creating unnecessary copies of the same data across the system. The 4 arguments used in this API are:

  • Parameter: Indicates the data array that wants to be accessed/written.
  • Pointer: Is the pointer to the array structure.
  • Type: Is the type of data contained in the structure, it can be one of: 0 - Boolean, 1- Integer (32 bit), 2- double (64 bit), 3- Complex, 4- String.
  • Size: Is the size in Bytes of the structure, it only considers the elements inside the structure without the identifiers added by DSS. In the case of array of strings includes the null byte (0) between the elements of the array.  

The return values depend on the given Parameter, which can be one of the following:

Parameter 0: CapControls.AllNames

This parameter returns a pointer to an array of Bytes with all CapControl names.The bytes correspond to characters representing the array of strings. The names of the elements are separated by a NULL (0) character.