There are two "official" (safe) ways to change a property of an existing DSS object:

Edit Load.36082264c yearly=Load12_Phasec .... [continue setting properties]

Or Just give the fully qualified name of the property and its new value

Load.36082264c.yearly=Load12_Phasec .... [continue setting properties]

If you were to execute this script statement

New Load.36082264c yearly=Load12_Phasec

And you did not allow duplicates, you will get a warning message and it will replace the presently defined object.

If you set allowduplicates=Yes, the New command will create another Load object with the same name (and not all essential properties set). This is probably not what you will want.

The OpenDSS is essentially always in Edit mode. Thus, if Load.36082264c were the active device, you could simply say

~ yearly=Load12_Phasec

(~ is an alternate for the More command}

Or simply

~ yearly=Load12_Phasec

However, this is discouraged because

1. You don't really saving any time and

2. Something might happen and another object becomes active and you end up setting the property of another object.

Alternatively, you could say

Edit Load.36082264c

~ yearly=Load12_Phasec


Select Load.36082264c

~ yearly=Load12_Phasec