In addition to the program downloads, there are example and documentation downloads. These are available to selectively download folders and files directly from the source code repository. The contents of the Example folders are:

• Adiakoptics: Examples demonstrating circuit tearing.

• AutoTrans: Examples demonstrating how to implement the autotrans model.

• C_Sharp: Example of using the C# programming language to drive OpenDSS.

• Celso example: Example, including Python.

• CIM examples associated with the Common Information Model (CIM)

• Civinlar: The example of circuit reconfiguration from Civinlar's paper

• DistanceRelays: Tests of distance and reverse distance relay capabilities

• DOCTechnote: Various test cases for the LVTestCaseNorthAmerican circuit.

• Dynamic_Expressions:  Demos from Kundur and other cases on how to use OpenDSS Dynamic Expressions

• Excel: Examples of using Microsoft Excel to access the COM interface. You will need to allow macros to execute.

• ExpControl: Several Python examples using the COM interface for various applications generally involving controls.

• FreqScan: Examples demonstrating how to execute a frequency scan.

• GICExample: Example scripts for geomagnetically-induced current (GIC) test case, including the example in the User Manual.

• HarmonicsTMode: Examples of using the HarmonicsTMode for sequential-time harmonics-mode studies.

• HarmonicsVariableLoad: IEEE 519 examples.

• IBRDynamics_Cases: GFL and GFM inverter examples based on IEEE 123-bus case.

• InductionMachine: Model of induction machine and dynamics simulation.

• LoadShapes: Several typical annual distribution system loadshapes. Also, solar PV loadshapes.

• Manual: Examples from this document.

• MATLAB: Examples of using MATLAB to drive OpenDSS.

• Python: Some Python code examples for accessing the COM interface.

• Scripts: Several script templates for common, and uncommon, simulation processes. Some conductor (wire) data, too.

• Stevenson: Scripts for the power flow case from the W. Stevenson text book.

• … Other examples are added from time to time.

The IEEETestCases folder contains OpenDSS implementations of most of the IEEE PES Distribution Test Feeders and other IEEE test cases in DSS script format. For more information on these, go to this URL: Resources – IEEE PES Test Feeder

The EPRITestCircuit folders contains DSS script versions of distribution circuit models used in EPRI research projects that have been made available for public use.