Returns the GIS coords of the route between 2 buses step by step in a 2-dimension array. For example, consider the route found above, the command GetRoute can be applied as follows:

set GISCoords=[35.92209179726962, -84.14211464700368, 35.90779395922772, -84.14752180168537]

GIS FindRoute

GIS GetRoute

OpenDSS-GIS will return the coordinates of each segment (2 coordinates per segment) included in this route as follows:


In the format shown above the character comma (,) is a vector separator between the same pair latitude-longitude, the character vertical bar (|) is used as row separator.

The following conditions need to be fulfilled:

1. OpenDSS-GIS must be installed

2. OpenDSS-GIS must be initialized (use GIS Start command)

3. GISFindRoute has been executed at some point before this command (at least once)

4. The model needs to have the correct GISCoords file