A new user interface to OpenDSS has been developed called OpenDSS-G. It has its own site on Sourceforge.Net. It is based on the latest version of OpenDSS. You can download it from here:

OpenDSS-G download | SourceForge.net 

OpenDSS-G is focused on translating data into information serving as a test bed for new situation awareness methods, planning and operation studies, and control room simulations that can be performed with OpenDSS. OpenDSS-G also bring a framework for facilitating the utilization of advance simulation features included in the most recent versions of OpenDSS, as well as the features and capabilities needed for implementing simulators in different time domains: real-time, fast simulation, and off-line simulation among others.

OpenDSS-G and OpenDSS version will be the main versions supported by EPRI in 2018 and beyond.