Returns the total distance in meters of the last route calculated between 2 buses. For example, consider the route presented above, this route has 6 segments from the orgin to the destination completing 2.841 km:

set GISCoords=[35.92209179726962, -84.14211464700368, 35.90779395922772, -84.14752180168537]

GIS FindRoute

GIS RouteDistance

With this command OpenDSS-GIS will return the total distances of the route calculated:


The following conditions need to be fulfilled:

1. OpenDSS-GIS must be installed

2. OpenDSS-GIS must be initialized (use GIS Start command)

3. GISFindRoute has been executed at some point before this command (at least once)

4. The model needs to have the correct GISCoords file