The PV array properties that need to be defined in the model are:

        • Pmpp: The rated maximum power of the PV array, in kW , for 1 kW/m2 irradiance and a user-defined temperature. The P-TCurve property (below) should be defined relative to the user-defined temperature.
        • P-TCurve: Correction factor curve of the PV array per unit of Pmpp as a function of the PV array temperature. As can be seen in Figure 2, the correction factor should be 1.0 for the temperature at which Pmpp is defined, in this case 25 C. The PV array generates its rated maximum power, Pmpp, when operating at that temperature, 25 C, and with 1 kW/m2 irradiance. To define this curve in OpenDSS, the user must use the XYCurve object, as shown below.

New XYCurve . FatorPvsT  npts=4 xarray =[0  25  75  100 ]  yarray =[ 1 . 2  1 . 0  . 8  . 6 ]

A graph with a red line??Description automatically generated

Figure 2: Correction factor vs Temperature