TechNote Transformer model has been modified

Transformer model

The Transformer model has been modified. A Property named "%Rs" has been added that will allow you to enter the %R for each winding as an array. This is to make it more consistent with other properties like kva/kvas, kv/kvs, conn/conns, etc.

Note you can also specify the %R for the first 2 windings by using the %loadloss property. This is quite convenient for 2winding transformers commonly encountered.

Equivalent definitions:

Edit Transformer.T1

~ Wdg=1 %R=.1

~ Wdg=2 %R=.1

Edit Transformer.T1 %Rs=[0.1 0.1]

Edit Transformer.T1 %loadloss=0.2

Other related issues:

-When you specify the kVA rating of Winding 1, all other winding kVAs are set to the same value by default.

-When you specify the kVA rating either winding of a 2winding transformer, the other winding is set to the same value.