The sequence impedances can be utilized as input parameters to Vsource element. The computation of sequence impedances from phase impedances is presented next.

Observing Figure 3, it is possible to write KVL equations for each phase to obtain Equation 3.

where the 3 × 3 phase impedance matrix is represented by Z¯.

Equation 5 presents the mathematical relation between the series impedances in the phase domain and in the symmetrical components domain.


Applying (4), (6) and (7) in (5), one can obtain:

Z¯0, Z¯1 and Z¯2 are the zero, positive and negative sequence impedances, respectively. Note that, in this particular case, Z¯1 equals Z¯2.

These values can be directly utilized to specify the Vsource element, as shown in section 4.1.1.